Business with Sport Science

Unique offering: Maynooth University offers the only programme
that allows you to combine a full business degree, with four
business subject options, with sports-science.
Accredited work placement: The opportunity to undertake a fullyear work placement (subject to availability), in Ireland or abroad,
as an integral part of your degree which gives you a chance to
put your learning into practice and significantly improves your
employability upon graduation.
This is a rapidly growing sector, with a deep demand for
graduates that bridge the fields of business and sports.
Employees that have both a deep insight into how to create value
for businesses (through Accounting, Marketing, Management or
International Business skills) and the science of sports exercise.
Follow your passion: Many enjoy sporting activities but sports and
exercise are well known to have mental and physiological benefits.
In combination with the business modules, this programme will
allow you to understand how sports and exercise can impact on
your health, allowing you to explore how this can be translated to
new services and solutions.

International Economics

Be prepared both intellectually and practically for employment in
the highly competitive and dynamic world of international finance.
Use analytical tools – including mathematics, deductive logic and
applied statistics – to examine problems and devise logical solutions.
This degree is not suitable for those mostly interested in the
accounting side of finance (though all students are recommended
to take one module in Accounting).

Marketing with Online Technologies

This new marketing with online technologies degree responds to the changes that have taken place in
the marketing discipline. It seeks to develop marketing graduates that are equipped with the requisite
skills for Industry 4.0 recognising that marketing graduates must now possess the required skills for
the dynamic digitised economy