Criminal Justice Studies

The BA (Hons) in Criminal Justice Studies is a three year degree course designed to equip the student with general knowledge and transferable skills while focusing on the broad theme of criminal justice. It is a multidisciplinary course.

Special Features of the Course
While this course is both inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary in order to help students develop general academic skills, it is designed with those in mind who would like to enter the criminal justice professions and seeks to cater for their specific educational requirements.

Electrical Engineering

Early childhood education and care involves supporting babies and young children to become competent and confident learners through loving relationships with others. Children require high-quality education and care during their formative years. Research indicates that the higher the professional qualification of the educator working with the children, the higher the quality of the setting and the children’s experiences in it.

Course Structure
This honours degree in Early Childhood Education and Care enables the student to study a diverse range of subjects in order to gain a deep understanding of babies and children from birth to six years of age. Students develop a knowledge and understanding of Aistear, the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework and Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education, essential for professional work in this area of practice.


Art is a diverse range of activities involving imaginative and technical skill and includes the production of works of art, criticism of art, study of art history, and the aesthetic dissemination of art.

This dynamic and highly student-centred course is unique to the Wexford Campus. Students are provided with the opportunity to gain creative skills, creative knowledge, aesthetic awareness and professional experiences in contemporary visual art. A forum for exchanging diverse opinions and ideas is provided through group critique, field trips, and a visiting artists programme.


The Bachelor of Business is a three year degree that provides students with specialised knowledge across a wide range of business areas.The degree focuses on developing student knowledge in critical areas of business studies in conjunction with developing interpersonal and communication skills that are necessary in today’s business environment.

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Business degree will have a range of skills and competencies that will allow them to make a meaningful contribution in the workplace.

Special Features of the Business course
The applied nature of the course means you can undertake tasks and assignments similar to those worked on in industry and commerce.

Completion of this course entitles students to the following professional body exemptions:

Examinations F1, F2, and F3 of the professional examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Examinations C01 to C05 inclusive of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)


Accounting is a stimulating and challenging business function concerned with the collection, analysis and reporting of information to the owners and managers of a business and other interested parties such as lending institutions and Government. The BA (Hons) in Accounting is a three year degree course that prepares students mainly for careers in accountancy.

Special Features of the BA (Hons) in Accounting
The course attracts extensive exemptions from the Chartered Accountants Ireland (ACA), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA).

Students will be in a position to apply for a number of Internship Programmes run by the major Accountancy Practices. These Internship Programmes run in the Summer months between Year 2 and Year 3 of the Programme.

The course offers students the choice to avail of an additional flexible year in Year 3 which allows our students to work in the financial services industry or to study overseas in a partner college. Students who elect to take the flexible year will graduate after four years with the BA (Hons) in Accounting (Practice).

Business in Digital Marketing

Business is the interaction between people, processes and exchange. It plays an important part in our daily lives along with driving innovation and prosperity in our communities.

This course equips students with the applied skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in a variety of areas such as commercial activity, entrepreneurship, public service, government and the not-for-profit sector. The course is structured around four key pillars – management, finance/economics, business technology and marketing.

Course Structure
The first two years of this programme provide students with a foundation in business, with some electives. After two years, students decide on their chosen area of specialism in either Business or Business with Digital Marketing. Depending on your choice and your areas of interest there are also electives are available in Commercial Law, Fund Accounting and Global Economics.

In Year 3, you will also undertake a professional work placement where you will put your learning into practice and gain practical experience.

Software Development

Software development is the creation and maintenance of software products. These products range from mobile phone apps to highly complex software control systems such as those found in self- driving cars. In the broader sense, it includes everything from initial concept identification and design through to the final production of software. It can include identification of required software, analysis of software requirements, system design, programming, testing and maintenance.

Course Structure
This course equips students with the range of skills required to become competent software developers. Students follow our new ‘learning-by-doing’ model in first year with continuous assessment replacing final exams. Modules for the first three years include a broad range of subjects and an industry work placement. Year 4 concentrates on state-of-the-art, high-level software development topics such as: secure app development, data science, distributed systems and an extensive project.

Is this course for you?
Always on the cutting edge and working with the new ideas and technology, software developers enjoy working in diverse teams and solving novel problems with practical solutions. If you have an open, logical and inquiring mind then software development may be the profession for you.

Architectural Technology

Architectural Technology refers to the technical design and expertise used in the increasingly complex design process required for contemporary architecture. While architects are responsible for creating initial concepts and designs, architectural technologists are more concerned with the technical side of construction. Architectural technologists work closely with architects and other building professionals to resolve any potential design problems before construction starts.

Course Structure
This is a studio-based technical design course that integrates theory with practical application. The course incorporates an integrated research and design project based on a field study with previous trips to Bilbao, Barcelona and Milan.

Students will complete a 30-credit work placement during Semester 5 in Year 3. This provides students with an insight into the Architectural Technology world that they will be entering.

Is this course for you?
The idea of being part of a team that brings a building from design to reality will likely inspire you. You will have a mechanical aptitude, and the ability to think in three dimensions. You have an interest in buildings, how they are built, how they work and how they are used.

Public Relations and Media

Public Relations (PR) helps maintain lines of communications between an organisation and its publics. The BA (Hons) Public Relations and Media shows students how to work as thoughtful professionals, using personal skills and media technologies to influence and persuade audiences and publics. ‘Media’ is a collective term for the platforms used to send messages to mass audiences. Media is recognised as a powerful messenger in all our lives that tells us what and how to think about local and global events. We need and use media to help us communicate who we are to the world.

Sport, Business and Coaching

What is the Course about?
This new degree combines the techniques of sports management and coaching with the principles of business and management.

The field of sports management and coaching is changing rapidly. All sporting bodies require management and coaching staff to have an excellent understanding of their chosen sport, as well as strong business and organisational and administrative skills.

On completion of the course, students will have a detailed understanding of:

Athletic development
Coach education
Strength and conditioning
Sport finance
Sport media and marketing
Students will also have the opportunity to take elective modules in key areas such as:

Performance Analysis
Sports Psychology
Adapted Physical Activity
Course Structure
This three-year degree has three key content areas delivered in each year of the course:

Coaching Pedagogy
Business and Management of Sport
Sports Science
Classes are delivered in a range of settings including pitch, classroom and gym.

Is this course for you?
This course is open to students from any sporting background who are passionate about playing and/or coaching their sport. It will also be of interest to someone who would like a career in the business and administration of sport. The course prepares you for the workplace with work placement in semester 2 of Year 3. This is further enhanced by engagement with commercial and not for profit sporting bodies in planning events and examining the strategic direction of the organisation. This gives the student experience of organisations which they may be employed by in the future.

It is open to students of all abilities and not just those in an elite category.

This course is based on CAO points only and is not a portfolio entry.