Writing and Literature*

This programme focuses on developing skills in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting,
cultural journalism and other forms. Coursework is anchored by a focus on the processes of creative and
critical writing along with a detailed study of literature, drama and film. The programme is delivered through
interactive workshops, seminars and field trips. Visiting lecturers include novelists, poets, screenwriters,
playwrights, podcasters, journalists, editors, agents and publishers.

Tourism and Event Management*

In a dynamic and rapidly changing world, our tourism graduates are confident, creative, and agile –
exactly what is needed to rebuild and continue to develop the world’s fastest-growing economic sector
in a sustainable manner. This is the only three-year honours degree in this subject available in our region,
offering students the most current business degree with a specialism in tourism and events. This provides
a broad and exciting platform to build a successful career and opportunities to travel internationally.

Sport with Business*

This programme is the first of its kind in Ireland – a three-year honours degree that combines sports-related
modules with comprehensive business education and practice. The programme focuses on introducing
students to business and enterprise skills with opportunities for specific skill development in coaching,
fitness instruction, personal training, education, exercise prescription and health. It offers students an
excellent balance between theory and practice, and equips students with the knowledge and professional
skills and competencies required to work within sport, fitness, leisure or business environments.

Sociology and Politics*

Taking a combination of Sociology and Politics gives students an insight into how social and political forces
affect our everyday lives and what we can do to effect change. Sociology focuses on understanding and
analysing how human societies work. It studies everyday social practices, as well as discussing questions
around economic inequality, power, gender and race, for example. Politics looks more at the decisionmaking process that groups or organisations make. These do not necessarily have to be governmental, as
politics can be found in most interactions from schools to businesses and religious institutions.

Social Care Practice*

Ireland, among other countries, continues to face many social challenges. A career in social care practice
is challenging and also uniquely rewarding – graduates can make a real difference to people’s lives. Social
Care Practice is a dynamic and continuously developing field that is now a professionally regulated career
under CORU, along with other health and social care professions. Throughout this honours degree
programme, students will develop their critical thinking skills, have a greater understanding of human
interaction and how to respond in a professional and informed way to the needs of people who use
support services.

Pharmaceutical Science with Drug Development

Pharmaceutical Science is a broad, ever-evolving field, combining a range of scientific subjects that are
vital in the discovery, design, development, processing, and manufacturing of a diverse spectrum of drugs
and therapies. The overall philosophy of the programme is to produce highly skilled and employable
graduates equipped with scientific, analytical, and transferable skills to assume positions of responsibility
in the diverse and expanding area of pharmaceutical science in Ireland and beyond. These programmes
provide students with a broad but thorough background in the chemical, biological, and technological
disciplines as they relate to the study of medicinal products.

Performing Arts*

This programme is unique in Ireland, offering tuition to Level 8 in the linked fields of acting/performance
and theatre design. A common first year gives students an overview of all areas of the performing arts. In
Year 2, students choose to specialise in either acting or theatre design. This flexibility to change direction
allows students to figure out where their passion lies. Our close relationships with The Abbey Theatre
(Dublin), the Blue Raincoat Theatre Company, The Model Arts Centre and the Hawk’s Well Theatre allows
our students access to rehearsals, technical departments, work placements, backstage and more.

Precision Engineering and Design

Precision engineering is a specialist form of mechanical engineering that focuses on the design,
development and manufacturing of high accuracy components and products. Graduates acquire the
skills needed for the design of precision products such as medical devices, the design of precision tooling
such as plastic injection moulds, and the design of automation equipment such as assembly machinery.
ATU Sligo has consulted widely with industry to develop this programme and ensure that graduates are
equipped with the knowledge and skills now needed in modern manufacturing companies.

Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation is the combination of mechanical, electronic, robotic and software engineering
systems that are used in modern manufacturing industries. Robotic and Automation engineers are
problem solvers by nature, looking for solutions to sometimes difficult engineering applications.
This programme equips graduates with the skills to work in high-tech manufacturing industries to design,
build and operate intelligent machines such as the robots and flexible manufacturing systems of today and
for tomorrow