Business with International Business

“The course enables each student the potential to develop their personal skills, including, teamwork, leadership, and communication skills, which are pillars to a successful professional career.”

Aoife Kiernan, Bachelor of Business (Honours) with International Business Graduate

On the Bachelor of Business (Hons) with International Business you’ll:

Develop your ability to critically analyse and comprehend the latest thinking, theories, frameworks in best business practice in a number of disciplines. You’ll be able to apply this in your workplace.
Be able to identify how global strategies develop and diversify and track the outcomes of implemented organisational decision-making.
Enhance your communication skills so you can effectively and confidently communicate information, ideas and solutions in both written and spoken forms.
Learn how to analyse the cognitive, technical and varying structures of the international sphere, as well as the complex nature of contemporary global business commerce.
Be able to employ both cognitive and creative skills to exercise critical thinking in solving global business problems with intellectual independence, which are essential attributes for managers in an international business setting.
Emerge confident, work ready and be more employable in an international business setting.