Accounting and Finance

This programme is designed to be academically coherent and intellectually challenging. The breadth and depth of the programme is designed to be a rigorous test of academic ability.

This programme has been developed to allow the participants the option to study both for a Masters qualification whilst simultaneously sitting the Final Professional Stage of ACCA. The same lecturers deliver the Masters Programme as deliver the Professional Stages of ACCA. Please see ‘Our Staff’ on this web-site for further information on lecturers.

The modules follow the P1-P7 modules of ACCA, including the new SBL (Strategic Business Leader) module.

The structure of the programme, the variety of learning styles and the range of assessment methodologies are designed to develop the learners’ skills and attitudes, higher level cognitive skills, transferable skills and research capabilities.

The course will specifically develop and enhance the ability of learners to recognise, analyse and solve business problems, often against a background of economic, social and technological change. Learners will develop the ability to critically evaluate systems and procedures based on good quality research methods.

Accounting and Financial Services

The Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Financial Service is a multi-purpose level 9 programme designed to equip learners with advanced knowledge of accounting, financial services and related business sub-disciplines (data analytics), as well as offering opportunities for the development of a unique blend of specialised professional and research skills for employability, life-long learning, professional formation, and postgraduate study.

The programme includes a Work Experience module, the student will be placed in a Financial Services company (ICD Business School employs the services of a professional Financial Services recruitment company to place students in the workplace)

The overall aim of the programme is to upskill and reskill learners for positions in the expanding Financial Services industry.