Dispute Resolution

The MA in Dispute Resolution is a unique and innovative
interdisciplinary programme which provides students with the
academic knowledge and practical skills to resolve disputes
between parties in a non-adversarial manner.

The MA in Dispute Resolution focuses on a wide range of non-
adversarial dispute resolution processes including arbitration,

mediation, and negotiation across a number of different sectors,
including family, commercial, community, and workplace. The
curriculum is interdisciplinary, combining concepts from law,
business management, international relations, policy studies,
sociology, psychology and organisational development.
The mixture of experience-based learning through
role plays and formal lectures by will give students a

hands-on understanding of a full range of this exciting and fast-
growing sector. Our teaching team consists of mediators, lawyers,

authors and arbitrators.

Business Studies

The BA (Hons) Business Studies programme provides
each student with a comprehensive knowledge and
understanding of modern business studies subjects and
establishes a firm foundation for the development of a
career in business. Core Modules covered include Finance,
Marketing and Management, along with general business
areas such as Economics and Human Resources. Students
will understand how these areas are inter-related with
other functional areas in order to enable effective strategic
business decisions. The programme is structured in a
way which provides each student with the opportunity to
study for either a general or a specialist Honours degree
in Business Studies. The programme offers students the
choice of four options for the completion of their Honours
Degree. These pathway study options are:
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies –
(without pathway)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies –
(with Accounting and Finance pathway)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies –
(with Marketing pathway)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies –
(with Management pathway)

Accounting and Finance

The BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance provides a
comprehensive understanding of accounting and finance
techniques and concepts, including current reporting
standards and a range of contemporary issues.
The programme provides a comprehensive education
in the quantitative and analytical skills required in the
business world and in a range of accounting practices. Our
degree programme provides each student with an in-depth
knowledge of the area of accounting and finance as well
as the practical skills, both of which are essential in the
rapidly changing and highly competitive world
of business. Students will be able to analyse contemporary
theories and practice concerning financial management,
risk, and the operation of the accounting and finance
function. Our degree will equip students with the capability
to a prepare a range of standard accounting statements
for use by management in a business environment, and
interpreting the business implications of such information.
The importance of new and emerging technologies is
recognised and incorporated into programme content
throughout the three years. This in turn creates a number
of opportunities for advancement within a whole range
of organisations.