The learning environment for the course is practical and applied in nature and on completion graduates will be able to think independently, make informed and effective decisions and proactively troubleshoot financial and technical business problems.

Graduates from the MSc in Finance will be able to apply advanced research skills and critically evaluate seminal, as well as contemporary literature, paradigms and concepts which underpin the operation of international capital markets and the investment management process.

Financial Technology (FinTech)

Finance is a highly regulated industry that resists disruption and change. However, information technology innovations and computing resources availability have revolutionised the financial sector in the last decades. Data analytics, new technologies (e.g., blockchain) and business models (e.g., crowdfunding), and the modernisation of the financial sector regulations are creating opportunities to the emergence of disruptive services and challenger institutions.

This course provides learners with the latest knowledge and competencies at the intersection of finance and technology, allowing them to exploit opportunities in this rapidly evolving area.

NCI is perfectly placed to deliver an industry-focused programme inspired by its location at the heart of the International Financial Services Centre. The course is completely delivered by faculty and industry practitioners with established experience in the fintech domain.

International Business

The MSc in International Business has been specifically designed for those wishing to gain deeper knowledge of the international business environment as both employees or as owner/managers of businesses operating internationally. The requirement for managers to think globally but act locally is vital to success. An understanding of the international environment in which organisations are now situated cannot be over-emphasised.


The programme comprises of a carefully selected range of both contemporary and fundamental marketing topics such as: integrated marketing communications, brand management, postmodern marketing and digital marketing strategy, and thus caters for multinational organisations, indigenous SME initiatives and entrepreneurial enterprises.

The ethos of this programme is to work in tandem with industry, ensuring that graduates are competent, well-versed marketers, possessing the up-to-date knowledge and application skills necessary to develop and drive successful commercial (and non-commercial) enterprises. The programme offers students real insight and experience into how to plan and execute marketing campaigns and strategies in actual organisations, enabling our graduates to enter management roles, hitting the ground running.

‘Block teaching’ is used to provide more in-depth development of knowledge for each module. This means that the course is delivered one module at a time to allow full immersion in each subject. An applied approach to teaching is used within the programme with lectures interspersed with exercises, use of case study analysis, group activities in class, debate on contemporary issues as well as independent learning.

Accounting and Finance

The course will help you understand the relationships between finance and other business disciplines. You will develop a critical and methodical approach to problem-solving and decision-making in a financial context and develop the ability to interpret and communicate financial and other information. The broader business viewpoint of the course will give you an excellent foundation in leadership and management and give you the broad perspective necessary for the modern interconnected business world.

This degree will equip you for a career in accountancy, finance and related fields. NCI has particular expertise in this area and graduates have achieved graduate-level employment positions.

You may also be able to take advantage of an opportunity to engage in a year-long, accredited work placement between years two and three. This placement will be credit-bearing and comprises an extra year in the degree. Access to such placements will be limited and highly competitive.


Through the expert lecturers in our School of Business, you will obtain a great understanding of how business works and in which part of the business world you would like to make your career. The advantage of this full-time degree is that it is very flexible and opens up a large number of career paths. You gain a broad business foundation, and can then focus on the particular area you most enjoy through your choice of specialisation and a range of elective modules throughout the course.

This degree also gives you many options to progress to masters’ courses or postgraduate study later on. If you are looking for a broad-based degree, a great start in business and plenty of career options, then this course will definitely appeal to you.

You may also be able to take advantage of an opportunity to engage in a year-long, accredited work placement between years two and three. This placement will be credit-bearing and comprises an extra year in the degree. Access to such placements will be limited and highly competitive.

Marketing Practice

Our honours marketing degree is unique in that you will be offered hands-on experience. You will learn about the latest thinking and techniques, but will also work on real, live industry projects (where feasible), planning, implementing and adapting current campaigns under the supervision of expert lecturers and marketing professionals. You will present your ideas to industry personnel from a range of Irish companies and not-for-profit organisations who work with us to make your degree as practical as possible.

This degree will cover all the core marketing subjects such as brand management, consumer behaviour, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. In the second year, you will have the option to shape your degree and specialise in the discipline of your choice by selecting marketing, digital marketing or entrepreneurship electives.

You may also be able to take advantage of an opportunity to engage in a year-long, accredited work placement between years two and three. This placement will be credit-bearing and comprises an extra year in the degree. Access to such placements will be limited and highly competitive.

The final year concludes with an exciting capstone project, where you will work extensively with a carefully selected organisation on a live campaign (where feasible). This will allow you to apply the marketing expertise built up over the three years of your course. You will work as consultants, in teams, to develop marketing initiatives, which will be examined by supervising lecturers and industry peers.


Working with our dedicated and experienced psychology faculty you will gain a solid grounding in all the core areas of psychology including cognitive psychology, personality and individual differences, lifespan development, social psychology, research methods and biological psychology, as well as specialised topics such as workplace psychology and, cyber-psychology.

You will cover all the major theoretical perspectives, like the theories of Freud, Jung and Pavlov, and will be encouraged to apply these theories to the world around you through an interesting range of projects and assignments. Studying psychology will take you through some of the darker and the dazzling aspects of the human condition. This degree will give you an excellent broad knowledge in psychology and the ability to later specialise in the areas you most enjoy.

Early Childhood Education and Care

The aim of the degree is to provide you with a firm foundation in Early Childhood Education and Care, to practice in a range of professional settings. It will give you a comprehensive foundation in the principles and pillars of professional practice, a solid theoretical framework and exposure to practical experience through professional placements during your four years of study.

The course incorporates key topics including Holistic Child Learning/Development; Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing; Essential Legislation and Regulatory Practices; Music, Movement, Art and Drama; Creativity and Play; Core Pedagogies and curricula in ECEC; Working in Multi-Professional Environments; Parent/Family Participation; as well as aspects of leadership, management and governance in the sector. Students are encouraged to think critically, reflect, inquire and investigate a range of theoretical and practical pedagogical approaches to learning, development and care in early childhood.

NCI has a long tradition of working with educators, and this exciting programme will equip you to achieve your ambitions in ECEC.


NCI’s innovative BSc (Honours) in Computing will provide you with programming and advanced problem-solving skills, to create software applications that solve real-world problems. This exciting course will expose you to areas like games programming, software development, cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence/machine learning/data analytics, internet of things, digital business transformation. In addition, you will learn how to apply software engineering principles to develop software applications that may be deployed in the web and on mobile devices. You will also develop your problem-solving, teamwork, creativity and communication skills.

Our comprehensive full-time degree will give you all the essentials of computing to provide you with the opportunity of specialising in your chosen area in your final year. You will choose modules from one of seven important areas of computer science. These specialist modules will allow you to pursue the area which most interests you and will give you a significant advantage in the jobs market. The course is delivered in state-of-the-art computer laboratories by lecturers who are working in these fields. It is practical in nature throughout and includes a full semester of work experience.