Accounting (Year 1) 2 Year

If you are interested in becoming a professional accountant but your undergraduate degree is not accounting related then this is the programme for you. This 2-year intensive conversion course effectively incorporates the Higher Diploma in Professional Accounting in year 1 and the 1 year MA Accounting in year 2. First year students are required to achieve an average of at least 60% in their first year modules to remain on the course. One of the principal objectives of the programme is that graduates will, on successful completion of the programme, have entitlement to CAP1 and CAP2 exemptions from Chartered Accountants Ireland, from LW, PM,TX, FR and FM and AA of the ACCA professional examinations, and equivalent exemptions from other Accounting Bodies. We continually review and modify course content to ensure that the content and direction of all course modules also help prepare students for the final stages of the professional accounting examinations. In addition to the exam exemptions mentioned above, students are guided in developing key competencies required by a professional accountant in an ever changing business and ethical environment.
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 2
Area del curso: Business