Adolescent Health

This is an innovative, interdisciplinary MSc offered by the Discipline of Children’s Studies (School of Education) in collaboration with the Discipline of Paediatrics (School of Medicine). This programme provides students with interdisciplinary training in adolescent health grounded within a public health approach. This programme is delivered through a blended learning approach, which combines online modules with a series of face-to-face workshops on campus, making it suitable for recent graduates, working professionals, and distance learners. It is open to those who are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of adolescents locally, nationally, and globally. It focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities that are faced by adolescents, as they transition from childhood to adolescence. Students will be required to complete ten core modules during the programme, including 1) Foundations of Public Health in the Context of Adolescence, 2) Adolescent Health and Development, 3) Research Methods, 4) Determinants of Adolescent Health, 5) Chronic Health Disorders in Adolescents, 6) Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Adolescent Health Programmes, 7) Communication for Adolescent Health, 8) Quality Improvement, 9) Leadership Development, and 10) an Integrative Learning Experience tailored to their personal interests and career goals. Through this programme students will learn to define the health and development needs of adolescents, design strategies to address those needs, and evaluate the effectiveness of adolescent health policies and programmes.