Analytical Science (DC261) 6-month internship

Interested in using scientific analysis to help make a better world? Analytical science is the science of detection and measurement. We benefit from it every day, from purity checks of medicines to industrial waste monitoring or the analysis in forensic laboratories. In a world deluged by data, analytical scientists can help make sense of things and solve problems of critical importance. During this interdisciplinary course, you will learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of chemical, biochemical and microbiological analysis. In first year, you’ll gain essential background knowledge in chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics, and get hands-on laboratory experience. From second year on, you’ll focus on analytical science and from third year, you’ll specialise in either chemical or biological analysis. Building real-world capabilities In third year, you’ll do an INTRA work placement, gaining vital real-world experience. In your final year, you’ll focus on specialised methods and applications, along with a full-time project in the final semester, helping you to develop your own approach to solving complex problems. As a graduate, you’ll be sought after in sectors such as biopharmaceuticals, public health, cosmetic laboratories, manufacturing, brewing, environmental monitoring, government and education. Typical roles could include process development, validation and quality control roles in contexts such as chemical, forensic and medicinal analysis laboratories, hospital laboratories, medicinal and analytical research and manufacturing plants. You can also choose to continue with further studies in research and development or teaching.
Nivel NFQ: 8
Duración: 4
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Science