Applied Computing (Common Entry)

If you are interested in computer science or software development, but are unsure as to where you would like to specialise, then Applied Computing is for you. You will learn about the basics of computing/software development, and then decide which of the specialisms you think best suits your personal interests, strengths and plans. Through the use of specialist streams, we can quickly react to industry trends, while always ensuring that you will become a strong programmer/software developer. Unique Features If you know that you are interested in computing and in programming/software development but are not fully sure as to your strengths and/or interests, then this is the programme for you. You get to choose your specialism after first year, when you will know more about those strengths/interests. During year three of the programme, students embark on Work Placement (or study abroad). Most students find paid employment during this time. In particular, as a graduate of this programme, you will: Have excellent programming skills Be an excellent problem solver Have unrivalled employment prospects (most students have job offers before they sit their final year examinations)