Applied Language and Translation Studies (DC155) Study Abroad [French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese]

The BA in Applied Language and Translation Studies (ALTS) is a unique degree that aims to prepare a new generation of translators and language professionals for global career opportunities. You will study two foreign languages with exciting combinations that include Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Plus this dynamic degree allows you to explore the principles behind language, culture, translation and intercultural communication. Linguist and translator skills You will acquire professional and academic competencies as a linguist and a translator, allowing you to compete in the national and international marketplace. You will also acquire significant technical skills as you work with multimedia texts and a variety of software applications used by translators, and develop critical and creative thinking skills. Taught by leading experts for 30 years DCU is ranked joint number one in Ireland for Linguistics and with the ALTS degree, you will gain top-quality language, translation and intercultural skills from the top experts in the field of linguistics and translation.