Applied Materials

The Master of Engineering in Applied Materials will provide learners with the expertise, tools and techniques essential to material characterisation, simulated design, failure analysis, and applied materials selection. This programme focuses on the formulation of new solutions, principles, and methods to illustrate and evaluate the failure of mechanical components, identify functional deficiencies, and formulate design solutions. Learners will experience materials from an atomic level to component response simulation, using appropriate software-based formats. They will learn to synergise modern post-processing methods and advanced manufacturing techniques, as applied to a range of high-performance challenges including Advanced Manufacturing of embedded technologies for aerospace applications, surfaceresponsive technologies for smart water and wastewater infrastructure, and environmentally responsive bulk materials to replace unsustainable single-use plastics and films. The programme will develop the skillsets required to solve advanced design problems and to provide critical raw material support in several industrial fields, including smart manufacturing, pharmaceutical, built environment, and aerospace. What subjects will I study? Materials Science in Engineering Finite Element Analysis I & II Design Driven Innovation Materials in Processing and Industry 4.0 Applied Mechanics of Materials Research Methods for Engineering Innovation for Sustainable Enterprise Dissertation (Engineering) Work-based Project Professional Development
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 1
Ciudad: Carlow
Area del curso: Humanities