Applied Software Development

Building on the learner’s previous qualifications and experience, the achievement of the programme learning outcomes, transferrable skills and the graduates’ previously acquired knowledge, abilities and attributes, the MSc in Applied Software Development aims to: Provide learners with an intellectually challenging, advanced and rigorous education in Applied Software Development; Develop the learner’s intellectual ability to analyse user and design requirements, problems, issues and stakeholder needs; Encourage learners to utilise innovation and change as mechanisms to achieve Applied Software Development solutions to a range of challenging real-world problems; Imbue learners with a holistic view of the synergistic alliances and collaborations inherent in the delivery of this programme in Applied Software Development work together and complement one another; Facilitate learners in attaining the professional, social and communicative skills necessary for a graduate of what is a multifaceted discipline; Foster a culture that places emphasis on learners becoming self-confident, self-reliant and self-sufficient; Foster an ethos of commitment to a Continual Professional Development mindset, through reflection on learning, identifying skill gaps, and preparing for career advancement in a continually changing and developing sector; Enable learners who successfully complete the programme to a level of preparation from which they may confidently undertake a level 10 programme in Computing or a related discipline.