Architectural Technology

Architectural Technology refers to the technical design and expertise used in the increasingly complex design process required for contemporary architecture. While architects are responsible for creating initial concepts and designs, architectural technologists are more concerned with the technical side of construction. Architectural technologists work closely with architects and other building professionals to resolve any potential design problems before construction starts. Course Structure This is a studio-based technical design course that integrates theory with practical application. The course incorporates an integrated research and design project based on a field study with previous trips to Bilbao, Barcelona and Milan. Students will complete a 30-credit work placement during Semester 5 in Year 3. This provides students with an insight into the Architectural Technology world that they will be entering. Is this course for you? The idea of being part of a team that brings a building from design to reality will likely inspire you. You will have a mechanical aptitude, and the ability to think in three dimensions. You also likely enjoy teamwork. Ultimately, you will have an interest in buildings, how they are built, how they work and how they are used.