Bachelor of Science

THE MAYNOOTH BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE One of our most popular science degrees - offering excellent flexibility and choice to MU science students. Choose 4 subjects from the 8 available (1 of the 4 must be Mathematics). Refine your subject choices during the following three years of your BSc degree. Please check the Course Structure tab for details about some timetabling limits for subject combinations. No decision about subject choice is necessary until four weeks after commencement of 1st year. This gives you a chance to sample various subjects and make an informed decision. Science at Maynooth challenges students to consider new perspectives and new ways of approaching problems and ideas. You will have the opportunity to gain a deep knowledge and understanding of your choice of subjects while developing critical thinking, analysis and communication skills. We offer progression options into specialised degrees at the end of first year, depending on the student's subjects and results. The possible transfer pathways are listed in Course Structure.