Bioanalytical science is the application of biological sciences to the study and analysis of biological samples, so that trace amounts of biological molecules, microorganisms or chemicals can be detected in a biological, environmental or industrial sample. It will prepare you to carry out analytical tests and research in a lab environment. This degree course has been developed over the years in direct consultation with key personnel from relevant companies, past graduates, researchers and academics. It’s intended to ensure that our graduates meet the current and future needs of employers in the area of bioanalytical science. Bioanalytical techniques have a widespread application in industry, public service labs, forensic analysis, the food industry and beyond. The course includes subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, biochemistry and genetics. It will prepare you for work in a lab environment where analytical tests and research are undertaken. It builds on the strengths and learning gained from the Higher Certificate in Science (Applied Biology) studies. You may take a year out of college between the Higher Certificate and BSc studies. In the follow-on Honours Bachelor Degree course in Bioanalytical Science, students develop their skills in the laboratory and deepen their conceptual knowledge of key issues in the bioanalytical area.
Nivel NFQ: 7
Duración: 3
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Science