Bioscience is the branch of science concerned with living organisms and is the foundation of many other schools of scientific inquiry, including biopharmaceuticals, which refers to medical drugs manufactured in living organisms such as bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells. This course will advance students’ skills in bioanalysis, biotechnology, genetics, immunology, diagnostics, bioforensics and biopharmaceutical science. Course Structure Years 1 and 2 provide students with a strong foundation in the biology and chemistry of living organisms. Year 3 provides more detailed and practical study of the production, monitoring and quality control of biologically-based processes and includes a practical industrial project. The course features extensive laboratory classes and varied project work. Is this course for you? If you are interested in biological sciences, and want to study a course that has extensive hands-on laboratory work, leading to fantastic job opportunities in a growing industry, then this course is a great choice. Special Features: More than 50% of the course is dedicated to laboratory practical work, enabling students to gain essential laboratory skills. Small groups for laboratory practicals