In a highly competitive global market place, a master’s degree sets you apart from other job applicants. Having a master’s degree makes a difference on your resume. It highlights your commitment to pursuing advanced study in business as well as your work ethic and commitment. This programme complements your undergraduate degree and equips you with the management skills necessary to succeed in today’s globalised business environment. The course covers all the key facets of management, from managing people to finance to strategic planning and operations. Graduates will gain the ability to work effectively as part of a team and to take responsibility for their work within a learning group. They will gain in-depth understanding of the contemporary business environment. This programme can provide a basis and maturity that will enable students to proceed to doctoral level studies, if so desired. What subjects will I study ? Global Supply Chain Strategies Strategic HRM Developments Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management Strategic Brand Management Financial Analysis and Investment Appraisal Strategic Human Resource Management Strategic Marketing Management Innovation Management Project Management and Communications Research Methods and Data Analysis Action Research Dissertation Strategy Process and Leadership Work Placement