Business with Law

Historically, the disciplines of business and law have been closely associated in both the public and private sector. In the global economy, businesses deal with more complex issues concerning government regulations and international trade policies. Equally, legal expertise is required to contend with constantly evolving commercial organisations and business practices. There are three broad themes running through the course: Business Law Transferable Skills (Research and Communications, IT, Statistics/Mathematics and Team skills). Years 1 and 2 introduce students to essential business areas such as economics, management, IT, accounting, mathematics, marketing and fundamental legal subjects relevant to business such as: Contract Law and Tort Law. Years 3 and 4 have a strong emphasis on core management competencies (Year 3), strategic management, international aspects of business (Year 4) complemented by legal knowledge and skills relevant to these areas in subjects such as: Company Law, Employment Law, Media Law and the Digital Environment, Consumer Law and EU Law. This course provides maximum flexibility to students.