Cellular Manufacturing and Therapy

The clinical-grade production of advanced medicinal therapeutics, such as cellular therapy, is quickly evolving as the future of medicine. These therapeutics utilize immune cells, mesenchymal progenitor cells or induced pluripotent stem cells to treat injured or diseased tissues. The MSc in Cellular Manufacturing and Therapy will provide scientific and practical training in the production of these cells as therapeutics for clinical application. This programme is uniquely positioned at NUI Galway to draw on existing expertise in science education, biomedical research, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), grade cellular manufacturing, and clinical translation of advanced therapeutics to educate future leaders in these emerging technologies. With the support and expertise located within the Centre for Cell Manufacturing Ireland (CCMI), the Clinical Research Facility, the Translational Research Facility, the Regenerative Medicine Institute and the Galway Blood and Tissue Establishment, our students will have access to an internationally competitive MSc programme in Cellular Manufacturing and Therapy.