Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers design, construct and maintain the Built Environment on which our modern societies depend. Civil Engineering includes our Roads, the Supply of Safe Water, Sewage and Wastewater treatment, our Buildings and our Bridges, our Railways, our Airports and Electricity Generation. Ensuring that we Protect our Natural Environment while maintaining this critical infrastructure in a Sustainable manner is an increasingly important part of what Civil Engineers do. The work of Civil Engineers is all around us. Prominent examples of Civil Engineering projects around the globe include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal, the Ardnacrusha Hydroelectric Scheme, the Channel Tunnel joining England and France, the towering Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the London Underground System. In recent years in Ireland we have seen the Dublin Port Tunnel, the creation of the Irish Motorway Network, the Luas light rail system in Dublin and the amazing Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge over the River Barrow. Studying on this course will give you the skills to work as a Civil Engineer and play an important role in the Design, Construction and Maintenance of vital Civil Engineering projects. You will be able to work on major civil engineering projects for Design Consultants, Contractors, Developers, Local Authorities and Utility Companies such as Irish Water and the ESB. The employment prospects for Civil Engineers are excellent with demand exceeding supply!