Computer Engineering*

Do you love the idea of building gadgets and making them do what you want with your own software? In this course, you’ll learn how things work and how to apply your imagination to improve and invent things that we all use in our daily lives. There’s growing demand for graduates with this mix of hardware and software skills, including hardware-software integration. You’ll work on specially designed projects that bring together the various subjects in your course, with access to well-equipped labs. This course will give you a sound theoretical knowledge across a mix of disciplines, together with strong practical skills. Subjects covered include everything from Algebra and Geometry, Digital Electronics, Electrical Science and Microprocessor Fundamentals to Computer-Aided Design, Web Technologies and Databases, Software Design and Quality, Computer Architecture and Computer Systems and Wireless and Mobile Networks.
Nivel NFQ: 7
Duración: 1
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: IT