Computing and Digital Media

Graduates from the programme can look forward to excellent career opportunities in the digital technology sector. Having attained a wide range of skills and competencies in computing, mobile technology, digital media and web development, graduates can look forward to career prospects where such versatility and adaptability is in constant demand. The programme presents an opportunity to study exciting new areas in 2D & 3D graphics, animation, dynamic web design & development, video production and database technologies for multiplatform environments. You will develop skills in a variety of software toolkits and applications through hands-on practical development work, and the production of rich media and web application content for a wide range of platforms. The programme places a significant emphasis on practical skills and you will work individually and in groups on a variety of projects. This programme of study fosters the development of creative thinking, and the development of interpersonal and project management skills and competencies required to work in the technology sector.