Computing and IT

On completion of the BSc (Hons) in Computing and IT degree at CCT College Dublin graduates should: Be Technically Skilled: Graduates will have the clarity and understanding of the subject area to be able to collaboratively diagnose a subject domain problem from the required overlying system architecture perspective. The ability and insight to be able to examine the contributing factors or components needed to develop the system solution (P.R.I.S.M.). Have the technical skills to be able to design and implement solutions across multiple platforms, utilising multiple programming languages to confidently integrate solutions. The graduate will also have the ability to gather data efficiently, to analyse data, to store and secure data, and to effectively deploy and manage enterprise and cloud-based service solutions. Be a Problem Solver: The graduate will be able to anticipate the changing landscape of IT development, including the nature of problems and a way towards their potential solutions. Have Professionalism: The graduate will have the capacity to recognise and appreciate the professional responsibilities and ethical implications of computing professionals and the solutions they design and apply. Be a Strong Communicator: The graduate will be a clear, transparent communicator who understands their audience, ensuring the right level of detail is provided to assist in intelligent, informed decisions. The graduate will be confident in communicating with people encountered in industry including other computing professionals, business managers or executives, customers, or other stakeholders. Be an Effective Team Player and Leader: The graduate will have the ability to work with other professionals, discussing work and managing and integrating feedback.