Computing for Business (DC120)

Throughout the four years of the Computing for Business (Enterprise Computing) degree, there are formal lectures, with a strong emphasis on the practical applications in the computer labs, tutorials, ongoing assessments and projects drawn from real-world situations. Your first year will be devoted to gaining a strong overall competence in computing technologies, such as computers themselves, operating systems, web systems and the Internet, and to acquiring fundamental mathematical skills. In subsequent years, by specialising in information technology, web systems or networking technologies, you’ll be equipped with the necessary skills to work with computing technology across a broad spectrum of business enterprises. You’ll be able to manage, improve and re-design the way businesses use computing systems. In Year Three, you’ll have the opportunity to spend seven months on our INTRA paid work placement programme, which integrates academic study with a closely related job. It will give you an understanding of the professional and practical business world and will help you to stand out in the graduate employment market. Indeed, many companies recruit their INTRA students on graduation. In final year, you’ll study advanced modules in information systems, business strategy and management. In addition, you’ll complete a major team-based project. Practical experience is a principal component of your learning.
Nivel NFQ: 8
Duración: 4
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Business