Computing Science

Designed specifically to address a growing need in the industry, the Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Computing at Griffith College is a 1-1.5 year programme which aims to give students an insight into the world of academic and industrial computing research. Delivered on a full and part-time basis, as a graduate of this course, you will: Obtain specialist knowledge and skills essential for a career in computing or IT. Establish an analytical mindset necessary for independent academic and professional research. Gain a practical understanding of how to research and master technical issues, analyse and present your findings coherently, and document your work in a professional manner. Develop a team player attitude necessary to communicate problems, ideas and solutions to all levels of the industrial team. Build upon your knowledge of supporting topics in the many disciplines of computing. Fantastic job prospects with a 100% employment record from a sample of 35 graduates from our class of 2017