Construction Management

Construction Projects supply the key infrastructure that is vital for the functioning of our modern society ranging from Schools to Hospitals, Houses, Apartment Buildings, Office Blocks, Factories, Warehouses, Data Centres, Shops & Retail. Construction Managers are responsible for managing the construction of these projects from concept to completion, ensuring that they meet the client’s requirements and are completed on time and within budget. Construction Managers must have a deep understanding of Construction Technology and the Construction Process. They must apply expert Project Management skills to manage challenging multi-faceted projects. They must be able to Plan, Organise and Coordinate as well as have strong Problem Solving and People Management skills. Construction Managers work for Building Contractors, Project Management Consultants and directly for large clients. There are excellent Career prospects for Construction Managers with an expanding Irish economy ensuring a strong ongoing demand. Course Structure Our course is built around helping you to develop the key skills to become a Construction Manager. You will develop a good understanding of different Methods of Construction and Construction Technology ranging from housing to more complex commercial and industrial developments. You will learn about the Legal and Contractual framework used in construction. You will develop key Project Management Skills in the areas of planning, organising and coordinating and an understanding of the lifecycle of construction projects. You will also study the day-to-day operational management of a construction site We believe in Learning by Doing. In addition to lectures, we place a strong emphasis on practical work. You will develop your skills through working on Individual and Team Projects that are focussed on real construction problems. This will enable you to improve your critical problem-solving and analytical skills. You will also gain experience in leading-edge technology and software as used in the construction industry, A core part of the course is the industrial placement in the second semester of Year 3 where you will spend 6 months working in the industry. You will have the option of continuing on to Year 4 of our Level 8 honours degree. This will allow you to further develop the core skills for a career as a Construction Manager. Is this course for you? Do you enjoy working on practical projects and working in teams with other people? Are you interested in building things? Do you want to work in a vibrant industry with great employment/career prospects? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Construction Management should be of interest to you!