Creative Digital Media & UX and Interaction Design

The M.Sc. Creative Digital Media & UX is a taught, conversion Masters programme run in the School of Media, TU Dublin, City Campus. The course provides a thorough grounding in the core skills and knowledge of digital media technologies and offers specialist production techniques that equip graduates with a valuable set of technical and design skills, highly relevant to a range digital media industries. The M.Sc. Creative Digital Media & UX is a specialisation under a broader Masters which provides a number of possible specialisations for students. These can be broadly categorised into, but not exclusive to, the following: 1. Mobile and Tablet Application Design 2. Interaction Design 3. Digital Games 4. Mobile and Web Applications 5. Information Design 6. VR Design and Development The course is designed to advance students' employment potential and addresses the specific needs of employment in the digital media industry. It is also suitable as a foundation for pursuing a career in digital media research. What are my career opportunities? Depending on the modules chosen and their chosen specialisation during the course of the programme, graduates of the course can pursue careers as web/content designers/developers, iPhone, Android, mobile application designers, 2D animators, UX Designers, project managers, digital media consultants, media analysts/content creators, game designers, level designers, and game software engineers. Over the course of the programme, students will develop novel digital media content, for mobile and tablet applications, digital games, and rich media content applications. With the range of multi-disciplinary talent within the class, graduates will find themselves working with others on new and innovative ideas which will broaden their skill set across a number of areas.
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 1.5
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Art