Culinary Arts

This is a full time, four year, level 8 programme of innovative and dynamic culinary study. It is a revisioning of traditional culinary skills training to include a number of other disciplines such as food innovation, media and visual arts, food policy, speciality food production, sustainable practices and gastronomy. The curriculum has been designed to bring students into the worlds of interdisciplinary learning, research and enquiry and the emphasis is less on training and more on holistic development in order that graduates will elevate current industry practices to a new dimension both regionally and nationally. Graduates will be empowered to become self-starters with passion and entrepreneurial traits. International and Industrial Experience Central to the degree is a year combining international study and international work experience. In Year 3 of the programme, students study for a semester at one of our partner colleges in Canada, France, Northern Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, or the USA. They also spend a semester on international work placement in a country of their choice. This opportunities offers our students first-hand experience of international standards and best practice in culinary operations and equips them with the skills necessary to be highly effective in the global workplace.