Cybercrime and IT Security

IT Security is the practice of safeguarding information from unauthorised access and modification. Cybercrime is illegal activity carried out with technology. With growing dependence on technology and increased interconnectivity between personal, business, government devices and critical infrastructure, the requirement for security in the IT ecosystem is amplified. This course aims to provide industry with graduates who are knowledgeable in cybersecurity processes, practices, implementation and assessment of both IT infrastructure and software, enabling secure and scalable solutions. Course Structure The course structure incorporates three knowledge pillars: software development, networking and cybersecurity. Initially the learners obtain the skills in the design and build of computer networks and software applications. The security modules enable the learners to assess the security risk and posture of digital environments and perform remediation on identified security vulnerabilities. Is this course for you? Are you the type of person who enjoys taking things apart to see how they work? Are you interested in understanding and probing what is really taking place behind any digital media? Have you the attention and determination to complete challenges to the best of your ability?