Data Analytics

The MSc in Data Analytics is a postgraduate masters degree course aimed at IT graduates and professionals, and graduates from cognate/numeric disciplines. The majority of companies today realise the value of data driven business strategy and are in need of talented individuals to provide insight into the constant stream of collected information. Leveraging the value of big data for strategic advantage has become an increasingly standard business practice globally, resulting in an exponential skills shortage of data analysts. This programme aims to produce graduates who will be able to apply for roles pertaining to Data Analytics across all sectors of the economy. Taught modules on the Masters in Data Analytics are followed by a Data Analytics project allowing students to apply their knowledge to a specialised applied Data Analytics problem which will be industry-initiated and used as the context for planning, designing, building and testing potential analytical solutions. Modules include, programming, statistics, technology enabled data analysis using machine learning and artificial intelligence, data visualisation, research and ethical studies pertaining to the field. Multiple transversal skills are also embedded throughout the programme including time management, communication, critical thinking and analysis, research, presentation as well as management and leadership development, ethics, project management and evaluation, and professional judgement.