Digital Transfortion

Digital transformation has become a key strategic issue for companies as it disrupts competitive environments, value chains, business models and professions. The impact of Big Data on decision-making processes means that managers must rapidly acquire new skills and expertise. The ability to embrace digital transformation and put it to work is becoming ever more important. In a fast-changing marketplace characterised by the drive towards Industry 4.0, digital transformation demands a new way of working, necessitating leaders that are competent in the areas of business, technology and innovation management. Upon successful completion of this programme, graduates will be able to: • Understand how major frontier technologies work, as well as their business, economic and social impacts; • Use critical thinking skills to effectively and efficiently address substantive business problems through the deployment of ICT solutions; • Analyse business needs, organisational processes and user requirements; • Develop innovative strategic responses to exploit new digital possibilities; • Produce ICT project implementation plans; • Manage people-related issues within ICT projects; • Align organisational strategic plans and IT strategic plans; • Make insightful, data-driven business decisions and assess performance.