Economics & Finance

The Economics & Finance stream on the BBS (Hons) programme provides students with the opportunity to specialise in Economics and Finance for the final two years or their degree, taking modules such as Financial Economics, Economic Policy Issues, and Investments. The stream provides students with skills that are hugely in demand in the market place and provides a great platform for postgraduate studies, with many past graduates undertaking the E&F stream of the MBS degree in SETU Waterford and several have continued their studies and obtained a PhD qualification. The stream applies economics and finance concepts to key contemporary issues such as Brexit, Crypto currencies, and economic crises and students are given the opportunity of testing theories on real-world data. The financial services sector is the largest employer of graduates from SETU Waterford’s business school. The sector is expanding rapidly and one-third of jobs are created outside of Dublin. Graduates of the stream have successfully obtained employment in some of the largest Financial Services firms in the world such as Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi, Bank of America, AIG, European Central Bank, OECD, PWC, and KPMG in the following areas/roles: Derivatives Trader Investment Analyst Policy Analyst Claims Analyst Relationship Banker Senior Custody Administrator Underwriter Teaching