Electronic Commerce (Business) DC506

The programme focuses on providing students with an in-depth understanding of the prevailing processes and trends in Electronic Commerce and the skills required to reach, attract and retain customers in the digital space. Students will undertake a number of modules with a specific focus on Electronic Commerce including 6 year-long modules and 2 semester-long modules. In Semester one, Digital Business equips students with a strong conceptual foundation by studying in detail the concepts underpinning the electronic marketplace and the associated business, technological and societal implications. This foundational knowledge is built upon in the eBusiness Management module which leverages the expertise of industry professionals and enables students to deliver and manage tactical digital marketing and e-commerce campaigns and projects. Students will develop the requisite technical knowledge and skills to author and communicate brand messaging using common and emerging digital marketing technologies in Digital Marketing Mechanics and Authorship. Students will develop their understanding of the privacy, security and risk based challenges managers encounter in the E-commerce context and gives them the ability to analyse and make informed business decisions in managing the digital enterprise in the Information Risk and Regulation module. Data Analytics equips students with the knowledge of a variety of data visualisation techniques and statistical techniques to make sense of the emergence and exponential growth of big data. Students are introduced to the tools and techniques for constructing, optimising and maintaining E-commerce enabled websites as part of the Applied Web Design & Development module, addressing web usability, design guidelines and user experience. In Semester two, students will have the unique opportunity to engage with a high-tech start-up to practice the skills and expertise involved in the successful commercialisation of new ICT technologies by developing a commercialisation plan in Innovation and High Technology Entrepreneurship.
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 1
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Business