Electronic Engineering with Computer Systems

The modern day ‘smart economy’ is powered by equally smart electronic circuits andsystems. The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronic Engineering with Computer Systems is a four-year engineering programme that provides graduates with a range of practical skills and competences in the areas of hardware development and validation, product software development, embedded systems and digital communications – all highly relevant skillsets for the innovative Electronic Engineer. The programme starts off with basic analogue and digital circuits and programming and progresses towards the development of modern day intelligent circuits and systems. It includes practical and project-based learning and professional development in well-equipped modern laboratories. The hands-on nature of this programme means that you learn more than just the theory, you learn the skills that will put you a step ahead of the competition upon graduation. The wide scope of this programme gives you many possible career paths and allows you to develop your strengths for future employment. Direct entry onto year 4 is possible for learners with appropriate existing level 7 qualification.