Engineering (Common Entry)

This is a new common entry degree programme aimed at giving you a solid foundation in engineering while allowing you a little extra time to decide exactly which area of engineering you would like to study. The degree options from the common entry Engineering degree are: The Common Entry Scheme is for students interested engineering as a career, but who may be unsure of what exact area of engineering they would like to work in. WD007 is the gateway for the following Level 8 BEng (Hons) degrees in SETU Waterford: BENG (HONS) IN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY ENGINEERING BENG (HONS) IN SUSTAINABLE CIVIL ENGINEERING BENG (HONS) IN ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING BENG (HONS) IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BENG (HONS) IN AUTOMATION ENGINEERING What is Engineering? There are many types of Engineering, all of which are focussed on making a better world. Studying Engineering can lead to exciting career prospects and top salaries across a wide range of industries. Engineers are shaping the future by applying their skills to almost everything you can think of, from medical to transport, sustainable energy to food production, robotics to construction, clean water to 3D printing. There really is no limit to what Engineers can do. Engineering is the power behind innovation and new product developments. Engineers identify a problem, and come up with a solution – often creating something completely new in the process.