Enterprise & Innovation

Learn Entrepreneurship by doing Entrepreneurship on a new Business Studies degree which allows you to control what you study and how you learn. Design and develop your own business ideas and business plans from day one. Meet and work with real business start-ups throughout your degree. Enjoy a full semester of Work Placement in Year 3 and continue working over the Summer if you choose. Graduates will not only acquire and develop the creative thinking mindset necessary to succeed in new business ventures, but also the management skills and knowledge required to allow employment in established businesses and entrepreneurial support organisations. An “Active Enterprise Consultancy” project in conjunction with real start-up enterprises in Year 3 along with the development of a full Business Plan when students progress automatically to the Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Business Studies (Enterprise and Innovation) are critical elements of the programme. With a wide range of subject choices and assessment types available on this course, students become independent and innovative thinkers, and develop their own views on society and learn to create the business of the future for the future they want.