Environment, Society,and Development

Global issues of security, development and the environment have never been so important. The COVID-19 pandemic, the broader overstepping of ecological boundaries and the threat of climate change have brought questions of neoliberal economic production, environmental sustainability and human security to the fore. If you would you like to acquire the critical thinking and field-based learning skills that are essential in addressing these challenges, then the innovative and award-winning MA in Environment, Society and Development (MA-ESD) is for you. The MA involves engagement with a number of core areas in international development, critical security studies and political ecology, and will expose you to global concerns that encompass a complex and dynamic mesh of environmental, geopolitical and economic processes. On the programme, you will gain enormously from the field experience of working with NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as a graduate you will have the ability and ambition to activate a wide range of expert critical knowledges in shaping a better world.
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 1
Ciudad: GALWAY
Area del curso: Science