Flight Test Engineering

The aim of the Masters of Engineering in Flight Test Engineering is to develop theoretical and applied skills to allow graduates work in the field of flight testing for both manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. Students will learn about the overall design of flight vehicles and its associated engineering systems in order to develop the appropriate test flights as part of the certification process. The programme will teach students how to test aerial vehicles safely, measure their performance from raw data and determine their flying qualities. Students will learn the necessary measurement techniques, instrumentation and data analysis methods required to collect and reduce flight test data to standard atmospheric conditions and then expand those results for publication in pilots operating manuals. As part of the programme students will acquire comprehensive knowledge on propulsion and avionics systems allowing them to evaluate their shortcomings and determine what flight test techniques should be used. What subjects will I study? Aerial Vehicle Platforms Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Flight Control Systems Quality and Environmental Testing Flight Testing Research Methods for Engineering Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Data Acquisition and Analysis Aviation Finance and Legislation Avionics Hardware and Software Certification Spacecraft Systems Engineering Dissertation (Engineering)