Genetics and Cell Biology (DC168) 6-month internship

The first year of the course is taken in common with other science courses, so you will be studying biology, chemistry, physics, biostatistics and computing. In Year Two, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of genetics, the biochemistry of the cell and microbiology. You’ll also be introduced to pharmacology and instrumentation. In the first semester of Year Three, you’ll gain the practical skills and techniques that form the basis of cell and gene technologies. These include gene cloning and bioinformatics (the application of computing in genetic analysis). With this knowledge, you’ll be well prepared for your six-month work experience placement (INTRA). In the final year, you’ll explore the advances arising from research in genetics and cell biology as well as medical products and the healthcare industry. A significant research project must also be completed.
Nivel NFQ: 8
Duración: 4
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Science