Health Psychology

The Master of Science in Health Psychology (NFQ Level 9, 90 ECTS) is a one year full-time programme that provides learners with the theoretical background and practical skills to apply their psychological knowledge efficiently and productively to effect positive change in the world in the pursuit of health promotion and illness prevention. The programme covers a wide range of specialist topics that provides learners with the knowledge of theories and concepts relating to the contribution of psychological processes to health and illness and helps them understand how this knowledge can be applied in a variety of contemporary settings at individual, community and global levels. For the full-time delivery, in Semester 1 learners will begin three, 10 ECTS linear modules, Personal Development and Stress Management, Survivorship and Professional Issues and Ethics in Applied Psychology in addition to three, 5 ECTS modules in Advanced Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis, Advanced Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis and Addiction and Rehabilitation. All of these modules are assessed by a range of continuous assessments across the 24- or 12-week period. In Semester 2 learners will continue with the linear modules while taking an additional three, 5 ECTS modules in Public and Community Health, Global Health and Occupational Health Psychology. The continuous assessment for the linear modules is completed in Semester 2. The 5 ECTS modules are assessed by continuous assessment across the 12-week semester with Public and Community Health and Global Health also assessed by a terminal exam during the scheduled examination period.
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 1
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Business