Health Sciences (Common Entry)

The Common Entry Scheme is for students interested in Health Care as a career, but who may be unsure of what exact area of health care they would like to work in. The BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences (Common Entry) is the gateway for the two Level 8 BSc (Hons) degrees in SETU Waterford: BSc (Hons) in Applied Health Care BSc (Hons) in Public Health and Health Promotion In these degrees, placement experiences allow the student to experience the broad field of health care and help them choose a career path they feel passionate about. Student Study Advisor All students are assigned a study advisor, a lecturer from the Department, and are encouraged to link with this advisor to discuss programme progress and any issues including programme options and career opportunities. This support offers the opportunity to ask detailed questions and get individual guidance as to which discipline they could pursue. From second year onwards the student chooses to study either applied health care or health promotion and public health.