in Mathematics and Data Science

Data Analytics is identified, both nationally and internationally, as a key future skill and the demand for Data Scientists, Data Analysts and highly numerate graduates continue to grow alongside the massive amounts of available data. The course is well suited to numerate students who are looking to develop a more applied, industry-focussed skillset than offered by traditional mathematics courses. The course takes an integrative approach, focusing on first building strong foundational knowledge in the areas of Mathematics, Statistics and Programming, and later facilitating the synthesis of knowledge and practice from high-tech areas within the data and computing domains. The primary aim is to develop specialist knowledge in aspects of data required to become highly-skilled sought-after Data Analysts: Fundamental and Advanced Statistics techniques Applied Probability Data Visualisation techniques that bring the data to life Time Series Analysis to investigate copious amounts of time data and trends Machine Learning, the fast-paced and popular technique that is big data-driven. These skills will be built alongside essential programming capability and Systems knowledge: Programming in R & Python, Data/Big Data and Distributed Data Systems, while developing strong mathematical reasoning and in-depth understanding in areas of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Analysis: Logic, Number Theory, Linear Algebra, Calculus and Mathematical Modelling.