Industrial Networks and Cybersecurity

This Master of Science in Industrial Networks & Cybersecurity is designed to meet the needs of companies in traditional manufacturing, smart manufacturing companies and those engaged in Industry 4.0. The aim of the programme is to widen and enhance the existing skills of learners who typically have existing Operations Technology (OT) skills, and supplement these with a strong, skills-based, knowledge of industrial networking and Cybersecurity. Graduates will acquire skills to bridge the gap between the manufacturing operations and the business and will gain a range of skills, techniques and approaches to equip them to best develop and protect the network and the processes in the manufacturing zone. The aim of the programme is to develop theoretical and applied skills to allow graduates to work in operations, often with a close relationship to the IT manager and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), with a specific focus on the Industrial Networks and the Cybersecurity aspects of it. What subjects will I study? Industrial Control Systems Advanced Industrial Automation Programming I & II Industrial Networks I & II Cybersecurity I & II Research Methods for Engineering Dissertation (Engineering) Work-based Project Professional Development