Information Systems Management

This MSc is designed as a specialist course that assists students in combining their existing talents with the range of technical skills and business knowledge needed to successfully design, develop, use and manage information systems within modern organisations. Subjects: 1. Cloud Computing; 2. Interactive Systems Design; 3. Systems Development and Project Management; 4. Web Design & Development; 5. Database Systems; 6. Advanced Programming for Business Analytics; 7. Business Applications Programming; 8. Information Systems Management; 9. Applied Systems Analysis; 10. Business Modelling and Analytics; 11. Business Data Communications; 12. Enterprise Systems; and 13. Information Systems Security and Ethics. A major group project must also be completed by the end of June. Technical skills are taught using examples, practical exercises and projects drawn from the world of business. Our focus is on the application of technology to business.
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 1
Ciudad: GALWAY
Area del curso: Business