International Management

The term “International Business” describes doing business between countries and across borders. It involves a wide variety of activities, for example, exporting products and services, dealing with foreign suppliers, operating a factory in a foreign country, marketing a product across Europe, even managing multicultural workforces. Today, it really can be said that “All business is international business!” This is especially true of Ireland, one of the most globalised countries in the world. What is the BA (Hons) in International Business? An important part of success in international business is an ability to interact effectively with people from other cultures and societies. The BA (Hons) International Business is a four-year programme that prepares students to live and work in an international and multicultural environment. The course provides a broad business education as well as building the knowledge, skills and sensitivities to effectively work in our multicultural world. The third year of the Programme involves a mandatory International Placement. Every student will spend one year on placement, living in foreign country. While abroad, the student will generally study at one of School of Business' Partner Institutes, however, the student may also complete an international work placement. The School has Partner Institutes around Europe, as well as in the USA and Canada, and even as far away as China and India. The International Placement is one of the core learning opportunities on the Programme, and for most students it is the highlight of the Programme.