International Relations (DC231) Study Abroad

Do you have an interest in major world issues? Would you like to know more about how politics, economics and security work in today’s societies? If you are keen to learn, to analyse and to understand current affairs across the world, then you will enjoy the challenge of DCU’s BA in International Relations. This degree equips you with a real understanding of global issues so you can make a meaningful impact on real world challenges. Learn about global issues During this degree, you will learn about issues such as conflict, peace and security, intelligence, terrorism, globalisation, third-world debt and climate change. By the end of this unique and innovative course, you will have learned about international politics, development and regional studies from a global perspective to equip you for careers working with international organisations, institutions and NGOs. The skills you’ll learn You will also gain the skills employers are looking for such as oral and written communication skills, teamwork skills, research techniques, and ability in analytical and critical thinking. Learn from the best DCU is a leading centre for expertise in International Relations, with lecturers involved in work on global issues such as security, peace studies and climate change.