Law impacts on all aspects of life today, and the LLB provides you with an excellent basis for a career as a practising lawyer, as well as in other fields such as administration, business, the media and social work. The LLB is also excellent preparation for work in a legal advisory capacity in the private or public sector. The LLB offers all the subjects currently required for the entrance examinations to the legal professions (solicitors and barristers) in Ireland. Furthermore, by choosing certain subjects, students can also become eligible for exemptions in relation to entry to the legal professions in England and Wales. In addition, all students are required to take a core module designed to equip them with critical legal research, writing and presentation skills. The programme is offered during daytime hours and may be taken over: • Two years, full-time (120 credits); • Three years, full-time (180 credits), wide range of optional modules; • Four years, part-time (180 credits), wide range of optional modules; The three-year and four-year versions of the programme give students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their own requirements, by choosing from a wide range of optional modules.