Law & Taxation

This programme will provide students with a full education in both law and taxation and present the many interrelationships between the two disciplines. It will also provide knowledge and understanding of essential business concepts. Taxation is taught from a practical applied viewpoint and as a branch of law with emphasis on legal principles. This degree is designed to reflect the increasing alignment of the law profession with the world of business. This is the only combination degree in Law and Taxation in the mid-west region, which opens a world of opportunities to graduates. The programme has been awarded group 1 status from the Irish Taxation Institute. This entitles graduates to claim exemptions from all papers in Part 1 of the Institute’s suite of examinations. This programme covers all subject areas to prepare graduates sitting entrance exams to the Law Society of Ireland. The programme has also been accepted by the Teaching Council as fulfilling its degree requirement for registration as a postprimary teacher, subject to the complete programme of study being undertaken at TUS (Moylish). As with any other degree, a teaching qualification such as the Professional Master of Education (PME) is also required.